Joshagan Marble

The Joshagan Marble is a sort of light color Marbles and gives a lighting to the places which is installed. This stone is a proper choice for the places with low light amounts. The Joshagan Marble like the other Marbles is not suitable to install in open spaces and the calcareous veins are discharged exposed to snow and rain.
The Joshagan Marble has various sorts and each sort is priced based on its quality. The Black Grain Joshagan is one of the cheapest sorts of Joshagan stone which has a light background with black grains distributed in the context. Joshagan Kielbasa is one of the other sorts which has a white background with yellow spots distributed in the context. These spots are very beautiful and the placing of these spots along each other creates various patterns. The other sort of Joshagan stone is Momtaz marble which is totally white without any impurities. This stone is the most expensive one among the Joshagan stones and is not found as frequent as two other sorts. 
The Joshagan stone is suitable for the floors of residential and administrative units because its light color makes the space cheerful. This stone is also used in stairways, parkings, and the internal space of lobbies. This stone can be used as stair stone and it should be cut in 3 cm thickness to obtain required resistance. The Joshagan stone is mostly cut in 40×40 size and the bigger sizes are not usual. 
This stone is similar to Hamzaveh stone in appearance but its hardness and resistance is lower than the Hamzaveh stone. 

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