Salsali Marble

Salsali stone belongs to Marbles. This stone has a light background which is cut by red veins. This red veins are also called electrocardiogram veins. The Salsali Marble is found in two background colors of white lilac and cream which the white lilac sort is more expensive.
This Marble is mostly used for the floor covering purposes and 40×40 is the most common size. This stone is very suitable for the floor of residential and commercial units and beautiful designs are created by placing these Marble beside each other. 
Salsali Marble is also used in longitudinal form on the walls of stairs and parking. Salsali Stair Stone is one of the most widely used stones in the buildings. These kind of stair stones are so much resistant and are not destroyed due to high amount of transportation of people and stuff. 
The Salsali Marble is totally hard and their veins are almost filled, so there is no need of UV processing. However, the use of UV will enhance the transparency of the stone. This stone is produced in long size and bullion form, which are the favorite of stoners.  
There are so many stones in the market which look like Salsali Marble, therefore the required attentions should be paid while purchasing of Salsali Marble. Exports of this stone have a lot of fans and because of its high resistance, the rate of damages are low during transportation.          

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