Tekab Travertine

Tekab Travertine is one of the colorful Travertines which is popular in Iran because of its unique beauty. This stone is also popular in the other countries. The mines of Tekab Travertine are located around Tekab city and because of the remoteness of the mines from the stone workshops, the factories are not satisfied to pay high transportation fees. The remoteness of Tekab city from the main industrial centers of the country reduces the trades of Tekab Travertine. 
This stone is almost expensive both in raw and prepared forms. It is a porous rock, has a high cement attraction but because of high resin consumption, it is relatively expensive. This stone is supplied to the market in two main sorts of Tekab Black Travertine (Tekab Silver) and Tekab Brown Travertine (Tekab Maroon). Both of these stones have their own users and advocates. This stone has a unique patterns on the surface and shows a uniform texture. 
Tekab Silver and Tekab Maroon are used in facade of the buildings but because of their high prices they are mostly used in the margins of the other stones. The Tekab Travertine is frequently used in lobbies and beside the door of the elevators. 
The color variety in this Travertine compared to the other stones causes to the use of this stone without any limitations. Therefore it can be used in the floor as a margin patterns.        

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